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Trendy colour stones that have inspired Bridal Jewellery in 2019

A wedding day is so magical! The celebration of love between two people surrounded by all of their friends and family is an event that everyone enjoys. When we look back on a special day, we usually think about the quirky invites, the stunning dress or the romantic first dance. But the smaller details are just as important and make all the difference in the final look. Take the bridal jewellery and accessories for instance, carefully selected to compliment her hair, shoes and dress. Although many brides like to play it traditional with simple pieces, there are many trends that have emerged in bridal jewellery that have been inspired by colourful stones. Read on as we explore the stones that have inspired bridal jewellery the most in 2019:

Delicate in diamonds

It’s no secret that every bride loves a clear-cut diamond. The way that this gem shines and complements the gleaming white dress is like no other. Diamonds are a never-ending trend and the stone that is most versatile. With a diamond, you know that whatever your price range, the stone will look impeccable. Opt for a diamond with premium clarity for a brilliant gem that catches the light, or a gem that’s almost colourless for an unmissable sparkle.

Although the bride may love to have a diamond on her finger, there are many other ways to incorporate this stone into the final look, bridal necklaces which is the most essential.

The latest trend in diamond necklaces are pieces that complement the neckline of the bridal gown. Dresses can have a range of necklines, from sweetheart, deep V-neck and strapless, and there are different styles of diamond necklaces that can sit alongside these styles beautifully. For a strapless look, the bride might opt for a diamond necklace with a drop, but for a dress that has a high neckline, a choker style would be more appropriate.

Offering similar neutral colours that a diamond provides is pearl jewellery. We are seeing more pearls in bridal jewellery due to their classic and elegant appearance. In the same styles as the diamond necklaces above, a simple, close-to-the-neck pearl necklace can be the finishing touch to the bride’s outfit.

Romance and rubies

Coloured stones, in particular, have become a popular choice for brides in recent years. As couples wedding plans become more quirky, individual and unique, brides like to reflect this in their jewellery for the day. Gemstone jewellery is one way for a bride to choose her favourite colour and incorporate it into a one-off piece that she can treasure for life, it’s no wonder that it is becoming so popular. One stone, in particular, that’s inspired bridal jewellery trends this year is the ruby.

We all know that red is synonymous with romance and love, which is probably one of the main reasons that brides want to wear it on their wedding day. Whether it’s a ruby and diamond necklace, or a stunning pair of ruby earrings, brides are revelling in adding a splash of colour to their look and we’re loving it.

Bold blues

At one time, brides may have been more subtle and delicate when it came to the choice of their jewellery. But we’re seeing more bold choices in bridal jewellery such as beautiful blue stones that add a pop of colour to a white dress.

Pastel shades are becoming more popular in recent years, as brides enjoy the splash of colour without being too extravagant. That is why we’re seeing more jewellery embedded with an aquamarine stone. The light blue shimmering gem complements the white dress beautifully and the icy blue tones of the stone are certainly eye-catching. Aquamarine gems are often used as the centre stone to a pair of drop earrings or as the focal point of a drop-necklace.

For a brighter blue, some brides are opting for pearl-blue sapphires. Perhaps inspired by Kate Middleton’s own sapphire ring, this colour is certainly proving popular with brides of today. Again, these stunning stones can be added into a drop earring, necklace or bracelet. One bridal trend that is rising is the addition of a gemstone belt to the dress. The breath-taking pearl-blue sapphires can be added into a belt which would add a touch of colour to the bridal look ­– a guaranteed head-turner for the walk down the aisle.

Elegance and emeralds

Another colour that is on the rise in bridal jewellery is the elegant gem of an emerald. Bright green and gleaming like no other, the emerald is a bold way of adding something unique to the bridal outfit.

One trend that the emerald complements nicely is the rise of geometric shapes in jewellery. Often focused on earrings, the geometric style of jewellery is made up of basic shapes such as triangles, squares and circles that come together to create a beautiful piece. Emeralds can sit nicely as the focal stone in one of these pieces, a stand-out stone that certainly wouldn’t go unnoticed. Alternatively, multiple smaller emeralds can be placed around the edges of an earring, adding a touch of colour to a classic piece.

Due to the bright nature of the stone, emeralds are also being used more in multi-coloured pieces. A multi-coloured bridal piece is usually used as a fun alternative to the serious style of jewellery and adds something truly unique to the wedding day look. Whether this is a drop earring that incorporates different colours, or a necklace that has many stones, the bright green tones of an emerald can complement blue and red gemstones beautifully.

Although many brides choose simple and quaint diamonds for their bridal jewellery, new trends are emerging that are bringing more unique styles to the big day. From different designs of diamond necklaces and hints of ruby red to tranquil blues and bold emeralds, there are so many colours and styles to choose from when it comes to the big day. Which trend will you take inspiration from on your big day?

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