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Different Shapes of Diamond Engagement Rings

So, it is that time in your life you feel you should pop that important question to the girl of your dreams. The quest for the perfect diamond engagement rings has started. You want it to be as romantic and unique as possible. The secret lies within the shape of the diamond. Though the shape is not part of the 4 C’s of Diamonds, it is still a really important factor you must consider. Why? Because the shape of a diamond needs to match the vibrant persona of your soul mate. Read on to know the different shapes of diamond engagement rings and which one will suit her best.

1.Round Cut

The round cut is by far the most popular diamond shape as it makes up about three-quarters of all diamond purchases. It is designed for maximum sparkle and fire. A great choice for women who love elegance and simplicity. Get some inspiration from Meghan Markle’s three stone round cut diamond engagement ring if you want her to feel like royalty.

2. Princess Cut

The princess cut offers a similar sparkle of a round cut diamond but exists in both square and rectangular shapes. This cut is a great choice for its flexibility as it exists in a wide selection of styles. The princess cut art deco style is a gorgeous piece you might want to consider.

3. Emerald Cut

Just look at Serena Williams’ gorgeous emerald cut diamond engagement ring to understand why this shape is increasingly popular. The emerald cut has narrow rectangular cropped corners which offer sustained flashes of light. The distinctive appearance of the emerald shape is due to the step-cut into the diamond’s pavilion. Its elongating and slimming effect on the fingers makes it a great choice for someone with wide or short fingers.

4. Cushion cut

A popular shape for a wide variety of settings, the cushion cut diamond is a square shape with rounded corners. This vintage cut has been relishing fame for almost 200 years and it was actually the most popular diamond shape during the first century of its existence. This stunning shape has a classic and romantic appeal. This probably explains why Nick Jonas got a 4-carat cushion cut diamond engagement ring for the beautiful Priyanka Chopra.

5. Oval cut

The oval cut elicits a ton of fire and brilliance much like the round cut, though it appears to be larger due to its elongated shape. This is a popular cut for numerous types of jewellery especially engagement rings, therefore, making it easier to match it with other jewellery. Hailey Baldwin’s oval cut diamond ring will surely convince you to make this your first choice.

6. Teardrop cut

Also called the pear cut, the teardrop shape is a combination of the round and marquise shape giving it a unique and elegant look. It gives the fingers a slimmer appearance. She could become the next person to join Paris Hilton live that fairytale with a teardrop shaped diamond ring.

This is the beginning of a new chapter in your lives, one which starts with a YES and the bling on her finger. Let Autumn and May write this beautiful chapter with its wide variety of stunning diamond engagement rings. Get in touch with us for more information.