Jewellery Repair Service

Jewellery Repair Service

Repair, Remodel, Restore…! Yes, we do !!!
Not just the jewellery made or purchased from us but every piece of jewellery you have, because every piece of jewellery has a story to tell. At Autumn and May, we understand your jewellery is part of you. When your jewellery needs a sparkle up, a size change, alterations, broken part soldering or a little bit of Tender Love and Care, come and visit us at our Greenwich store to discover how we can help restore your items to their original condition.

Jewellery repairs are carried out by our experienced craftsmen’s with high-quality workmanship and care. We work with all types of jewellery, including Family Heirlooms, Sentimental Value items, Designer Jewellery, High-end Jewellery, Engagement and Wedding Rings. We love to handle all types of jewellery made of White, Yellow or Rose Gold, Platinum, Palladium and Silver. We look after the delicacy and detailing of every piece to ensure and restore its precious nature while upholding its sentimental value. You can rest assured that your treasured jewellery is in expert hands and are fully insured whilst they are in our care.

We run a weekly turnaround repair service from Monday to Saturday. However, some repairs may take longer based on the nature of the work to be done. You are most welcome to submit your jewellery for repair at any time, No appointment is required.
Let’s talk about some common Jewellery Repairs we do:

Ring Re-sizing

Whether it is your Family Heirloom or an Engagement, Wedding ring, or even your much-loved everyday ring, resizing your ring is standard procedure. Ring re-sizing can be done in all precious metals such as White | Yellow | Rose Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, and *Titanium Rings (*Titanium Rings made by us only). Our skilled Craftsperson’s are exceptionally specialised to do a seamless resizing. We measure your finger size or find the size from one of your correct-fit rings and adjust your ring’s size up or down for you. Along with skilled craftsmanship, we use the latest laser soldering technology to perfect the process. You will not see any seam or marks at the join. With the resizing service, your rings will be quality inspected, Stones setting checked, Cleaned, Polished, and refinished. White gold rings will be Rhodium Plated to enhance its finish as a standard. Your rings will just come back shiny as Brand New!

Diamonds and Gemstones Sourcing

We pride our expertise in high-quality Diamond and Gemstone sourcing, Setting and Replacement Service. Upgrading your existing diamond with a large, high-quality one is the most popular enhancement you can make to your ring. Replacing opaque, pale or damaged stones with other significant coloured Precious Gemstone can be exciting and meaningful. The common reason for a stone falling out is damage or wear and tear to the mounts that holding the stone. Our Craftsmens’s will inspect the root cause and advice you with the necessary repairs required to be done in order to replace and keep the stone firmly in its place.

Gemstones are found in a variety of colours shades for example; sapphires range from a very bright blue to almost deep dark. Colour matching and grading to the existing gemstones is important. Diamonds are much commonly replaced by its Quality and Colour along with cut shape. We have access to a wide range of Diamonds to Precious, Semi-Precious and Non-Precious stones, in a variety of shapes and sizes. We can match and replace all types of stones like; Sapphire, Emeralds, Ruby, Aquamarine, Peridot, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Moonstone, Opal, Amber, Cubic Zirconia, the list is extensive and continuous.
So, if you like to get new stones mounted, Or upgrade to a bigger stone, Or perhaps the stone in your jewellery is wobbly, or the diamond and the gemstone is completely missing– we are here to restore it as brand new.* We will update you with stone replacement price quote according to the size, quality, colour and grade required. We Set the stone, Clean, Polish and refinish your jewellery along with the stone replacement service.

Stone Setting and Ring Shank Repair

After years, your Jewellery’s setting area might get worn out. When the claws and setting area become weak, there is a risk of stones falling out. Our Craftsmen will inspect the setting area and recommend you with necessary repairs that needs to be done to sett the stones firmly in its place. We rebuild and repair the claws to guarantee that your Diamonds or Gemstones will be secured, and it will look back to its original condition. It is essential to keep the claws where the precious stones sett is perfect condition. The experience we have managed to repair and rebuild all types of settings including, Claw/Prong setting, Pave grain setting, Channel setting, Rubover/Bezel Setting, etc. So, come along to secure the precious stones or the diamonds.
Rings Shank Replacement: Rings can be noticed with very thin or poorly worn-out ring shanks. We can remove the worn-out bottom shank section and replace it with a new suitable thick and strong Ring Shank. This can be done by removing the bottom half or one-third section.

Cleaning, Polishing and Re-finishing

At Autumn and May, we offer the finest Tender-Love-and-Care for your jewellery. Our professional Jewellery Clean, Polish and Rhodium plating service bring back your jewellery to its original condition. We use various traditional hands-on techniques to modern methods to refinish your jewellery. An Ultrasonic cleaning can remove dirt and grime from intricate areas, while a Magnetic polishing can cleanse-up the area behind the metalwork and underneath stones. A high precision Steam blast cleaning used to brighten up your diamonds and precious stones and setting area. Our craftsmen use various hand polishing technique with several buff wheels to remove marks or dents in order to polish and refinish the surface. It is important to keep jewellery nice and clean for its longevity and resilience. We clean and polish all types of jewellery from an Antique piece to your Engagement Rings. Re-finishing can be done on any precious metals from silver to Gold to Platinum or Palladium. Surface finishes, such as brushed, Matt, Vermeil, or Oxidised finishes are restored back seamlessly. All White gold Rings and jewellery will be Re-Rhodium plated along with the service.

Jewellery Soldering

When a piece of jewellery that you love is damaged or broken!, Weather it is a piece of Antique jewellery or your everyday Necklace, or a Broken pair of Earrings or Ring; repairing broken jewellery is much simpler process with Autumn and May. Occasionally Necklaces can be snapped off or the fastening clasps or jump rings can get broken out. Similarly, bracelets links or fastening clasps can be damaged. A post of your earrings or a dangler section can come off. Rings shank or complex sections can get broken. Our goldsmiths can solder and, repair the broken sections. We use similar precious alloys to repair your jewellery. After restoration, a light polish will give your damaged jewellery a new life. A similar process can be used to shorten or lengthen your Necklaces Chains and Bracelets.
Adding memorable charms to your bracelet is a lovely way to celebrate your special occasions. We also love to solder or rearrange your Gold or Silver charms onto your bracelet or necklaces. We use the perfect size Jump ring and professional pinpoint soldering to secure your little Charms on the place.

Gold Vermeil & Plating Service

Gold Vermeil or Plating instantaneously uplift your jewellery’s appearance to a rich golden hue. Vermeil on your jewellery can be fade due to everyday wear and tear, this is normal and can be easily and re-plated. Most Gold Vermeil is created by electroplating on the silver with Yellow Gold or Rose Gold. With our Gold Vermeil service, we can re-plate your existing vermeil jewellery or even completely change your silver or white gold jewellery’s colour to Yellow Gold or Rose gold look like.

Rhodium Plating is used to give the brightest white colour to White Gold Engagement and Wedding Rings or other white gold jewellery as the industry standard. Rhodium plating is also used to change your Yellow Gold jewellery’s appearance to White Gold look. Rhodium is a brilliant white hue metal belongs to the Platinum family. The brilliant white colour you see on the white gold jewellery is the colour and sheen of Rhodium. When the plating wears off, you will see the natural colour of White Gold, which is mostly a pale white colour. So, let’s get the highly reflective white Rhodium finish to its original mirror-like gorgeous brand-new look.

Pearls & Beads Re-Sringing

Preserve your precious Pearls! They are evergreen jewels for any occasion. A broken necklace can be meticulously re-string with a right thread. It is recommended to restring necklaces with knots; however, some design styles demand stringing without knots. Knotting between each pearls or beads minimise wear and tear and also helps the beads from coming loose if the necklace is accidentally broken. It is a good idea to have your pearls restrung periodically, perhaps in every couple of years or so depending on the usage.
We can also get matching pearls and gem beads to extend your strands or redesign or even create a completely new matching bracelet or earrings. We can source and work with all types of Fresh Water Pearls, South Sea Pearls or Tahitian pearls as well as beads like Amber, Turquoise, and other Gemstones. We also replace damaged or broken clasps with new modern clasps in all precious metal.


Engraving marks your Jewellery with a personalised message for any occasions. Wedding and Engagement Rings are frequently engraved, while Signet Rings, Cufflinks, ID Bracelets and Locket Pendants are other popular items to engrave with personalised messages. Both traditional hand engraving and the modern Laser engraving can be done on your jewellery. Hand Engraving is the most graceful method while modern laser engraving has its own advantage to engrave on various languages, fonts, icons or on hard materials like Titanium.

Wedding Ring, Engagement Rings or other jewellery can be engraved with Name, Date, Romantic Words, Personal Sayings, Musical Knots, Fingerprints,..etc..! Engraving can be done in any language on most fonts. Isn’t that wonderful to wear your wedding ring with your partner’s name or the wedding date on it..!

Signet ring seal engraving is something totally unique. Family Crests, Monograms, Initials, Talisman’s, or Heraldic Seal Engraving are exquisite and requires exceptional skills. Our associate engraving artisans are highly talented to engrave the artwork with extraordinary detail. We can even create a Family Crest or Artwork on your design brief.
Why not make your jewellery unique! – Engrave your jewellery with a personalised message.

Clasps Catches & Findings Replacement

Clasps and Catches on your favourite necklace or bracelet can malfunction or damage over time. When they don’t work properly your jewellery is at risk to fall off. We can replace with a new suitable clasp that opens and closes securely so you can enjoy wearing your necklace or bracelets.

We will always provide the best possible match that is most appropriate, strong, and easy to use. Bolt ring clasp, Lobster clasp, Jumbo Rings Clasp, Padlock Clasp, Push Button Clasps, Toggle T bar clasp are commonly used on Chains, Necklaces and Bracelets. A Safety Chain could add additional security on some easy-open Heavy Bangles and Bracelets. We can add a new Safety chain or replace with a new strong one. We can replace Earrings Butterfly Scrolls, Ear back fastenings, Earrings French Wire Scrolls, Earrings Clip fastening, Earrings Wire Hooks, Earrings Posts, Bracelet and Necklaces Jump Rings., etc for your jewellery. All fittings are available from Silver to Gold in various sizes to suit with your jewellery.

All other Jewellery Repairs and Restoration services

We appreciate and respect the fact that every piece of jewellery has a story to tell. Whatever your specific requirements, our craftsperson’s are here to help you repair your jewellery. Here are some other common jewellery repair work and services we continue to do:

Ring Removal Service – We can cut off and remove rings that trapped in your finger. Whether this is an emergency, or they are simply too tight we are happy to help. It usually takes about 5-10 minutes to remove a stubborn ring. Of course, the removed rings can be soldered, re-sized, and refinished to be worn again.

• Antique Jewellery Repair
• Rings Shank Replacement
• Removing Engraving from your Jewellery
• Chains and Necklace links Repair
• Brooch Pin replacement or Repair
• Bracelet links and hinges Repair
• Pendant Bale Repair
• All types of Silver Jewellery repair

There is no need to leave your jewellery behind, we carry out all types of jewellery repairs, where other jewellers told No!!

Got something to repair..!

We are able to restore and repair almost all jewellery. Let’s chat with our goldsmiths about how we can restore your jewellery. Feel free to send your query. Better yet, come along and see us in person for a quick chat!

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