Wedding Rings inspiration

Your Perfect Wedding Ring Inspiration

Wedding Rings are one of the physical pieces that represent your love and stay with you every day forever. A Wedding Ring symbolises the love, eternal bond and commitment between you and your partner. Finding the perfect Wedding Band for your Big Day and the life ahead is outlined by various considerations. With the unlimited designs, the ranges of metals, the width, thickness and other technical details, and personalisation options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by every choice.

A wedding is forever known to be a celebration of love, so we put nothing but love when designing and creating Wedding Rings. Our Goldsmiths are dedicated to creating your perfect wedding ring sets that are well-made, looks great, fits perfectly, and makes you feel happy.

At Autumn and May, we believe wedding rings should be considered with the piece’s quality and craftsmanship. This guide will detail every aspect and the information to simplify the process and select the perfect wedding ring. We are happy to answer all your questions, explain minute details and help select the Perfect wedding ring with the right metal, diamonds or stones.

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Origin and History of wedding rings

1. The Origins and History of Wedding Rings

When planning for the Big Day, you might wonder how, when or what were the wedding rings origin is. The origin of wedding ring is a fascinating story dating back thousands of years. The history of Wedding Rings spans back 6000 years to ancient Egypt, where the circular shape was considered a powerful symbol and signified eternity. Egyptians started creating wedding rings from braided reeds, heamp, leather, or ivory, representing eternal bonds. When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, the Greeks adopted the tradition of wedding rings as a symbol of devotion, often depicting the god of love, Eros or Cupid. Later the Romans were fascinated by the wedding rings idea when they conquered Greece and began making wedding rings from iron and copper, representing strength and permanence.  The idea of wedding rings slowly widespread and became more luxurious, made from gold and adorned with precious gemstones such as onyx, carnelian, garnet, or amethyst. A wedding band is a never ending circle around your ring finger, symbolising everlasting love.

In medieval England, exchanging and wearing wedding rings became an essential part of the marriage ceremony, recognised by the Christian church as holy matrimony. Various ring styles gained popularity over the centuries, such as Fede, Gimmel, Claddagh, and Poesy rings, each carrying its own symbolic meaning.

While materials, styles, and fashion have evolved over time, the purpose and sentiment behind wedding rings have remained constant. Today wedding rings become a universal symbol of everlasting love, eternal bonds, and commitment.

2. Wedding Ring traditions

Celtic regions had their own unique wedding ring traditions. Claddagh wedding rings, featuring hands, a heart, and a crown, symbolized friendship, love, and loyalty respectively. These rings originated in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh in the 17th century. Other Celtic knots and designs were also common, strengthening the connection between couples and Celtic traditions.

In England and North America, wedding ring customs involved a set of rings to mark different milestones. It began with a diamond engagement ring worn on the right hand’s fourth finger. On the wedding day, the engagement ring would be moved to the left hand’s ring finger. During the ceremony, the wedding ring would be exchanged and worn on the right hand’s fourth finger, with the engagement ring placed on top. This practice symbolised the idea that the wedding ring stayed closer to the heart, protected by the engagement ring. The set was completed with an eternity ring, traditionally given on the first wedding anniversary or when the first child was born.

In Europe, wedding rings exhibited diverse designs and materials. Various metals like yellow, rose, and white gold, as well as coloured gemstones such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, or diamonds, were commonly chosen. Some regions, like France and parts of Germany, had wedding rings that were family heirlooms passed down through generations.

Russians had unique wedding rings known as “triple rolling rings” or “Russian wedding rings,” featuring interlocking bands of rose, white, and yellow gold. These rings symbolised the Holy Trinity or the couple’s past, present, and future.

In some ancient civilizations, puzzle wedding rings were popular as a way to solidify the legal aspect of marriage rather than focus solely on romance. These rings would fall apart if attempted to be removed, serving as a method to expose infidelity.

3. What does a wedding ring symbolise

 The wedding ring symbolises your marriage, the eternal bond and commitment between you and your partner are conveyed to both private and public. A Wedding Ring is a physical object that makes your marriage official and upholds the emotional values of the marriage. While exchanging the rings, the couple will say their wedding vows to each other during the wedding service. Your wedding ring becomes a celebration of these vows of promise, love and commitment that you exchange on your wedding day and your desire to be with your partner for eternity.

4. How to Wear a Wedding Ring

 Historians document that wedding rings have been found worn on every finger, even the thumb, by various traditions. Wedding rings are most commonly worn on the fourth finger of your left hand.  Nowadays, which finger to wear the wedding ring depends on your preference, tradition, region, or country. Choose from a great selection of wedding rings to wear proudly – on either your right or left hand!

Read More about how different cultures wear wedding rings.

The his and Hers Wedding Ring

1. Wedding Rings for Women

When your engagement ring sparkles on your finger, your journey begins with the search for the perfectly matching or, even better to say, “complimentary wedding ring”. Ladies wedding rings range from simple classic band rings to more elaborate styles mounted with diamonds and precious gemstones. Complimenting with a perfectly matching wedding ring to your Engagement ring is certainly a topic to start with.

A Plain Wedding Ring with a similar cross-section profile and the same precious metal for your wedding ring surely creates a minimalist classic style pairing. A similar or relatively wider plain wedding ring is particularly a familiar pick for effortless balance and great for everyday wearing. A plain wedding ring indeed helps create an excellent trio-ring combination of Engagement, Wedding and Eternity ring if you plan for a diamond Eternity Ring in the near future.

Eternity Wedding Rings are exclusive and definitely gain everyone’s admiration.  Eternity Wedding ring is known to signify your eternal love. Having a few flush sett diamonds or even a pave or a channel set diamond eternity wedding ring will beautifully complement any engagement ring. You could also pick a uniquely distinctive pairing by having complimentary elements on your wedding ring, such as diamond shapes and diamond setting style, to have an attractive styling. Eternity wedding rings come in a wider range to go and match well with any engagement ring design.

Unusual Wedding Rings: On the adventurous side, you can go for an unexpected but complimentary wedding ring with quite unusual metal choices like mixed metals, contrasting gemstones or textures. Wearing an extravagant or striking wedding ring can be a style statement for many.

2. Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding rings tells an affectionate story. Although wedding ceremonies exchanged rings as a symbol of commitment, only women would traditionally wore them to show their commitment and love. When men began to be separated from their partners during WWII, men’s wedding rings became tenderly significant, and they began to wear their wedding rings as a symbol of holding their loved ones with them. This practice continued till the early 1950s when the civilians caught up and popularised men’s wedding rings as marital symbol. Today men’s wedding rings have increasing attention in bridal jewellery as grooms embrace their role as style-conscious individuals.

Simple wedding rings like Classic Court and Flat Court bands always stay on top of the choice. Men’s Wedding rings are available in a range of widths, while the most common picks for perfect daily wearing are 4mm or 5mm wide bands. Plenty of contemporary varieties evolved and expanded from the classic band to various styles, finishes, and designs.

Many modern men’s wedding rings thoughtfully play around with textures, geometric patterns, liner groves, bevelled edges and finishes like hammered, brushed, matt or other finishes. Mixed metal variants, like White Gold or Titanium Rings, contrasted with an inlay of yellow gold, creating a striking look, are also immensely popular.  From style, textures, and metal choices to personalised engravings, men’s wedding rings serve as fashion-focused symbols of love and unity, allowing grooms to proudly display their marital bond on their wedding ring finger.

As a metal choice, Platinum is considered the best and strongest metal, while white gold and yellow gold and even Rose Gold bands also established their reputation. At Autumn and May, we are excited to have a wide range of beautiful Men’s Wedding rings in all precious metals like all colours of Gold, Platinum, Palladium and even the extremely durable metal – Titanium.

3. Couples’ Wedding Rings

Couple’s rings are the romantic name of a set of matching wedding rings. This can be either an exact match or very similar in design. Couples’ Wedding Rings are most commonly used to express your similarities or likenesses as a couple with the same design. Wearing matching rings with your partner signifies the love you uphold and symbolise a deeper connection you share in matrimony.

4. LGBTQI+ Wedding Rings

At Autumn and May, we celebrate all love, always.

We love having everyone from the LGBTQI+ community celebrate your love and commitment as you wish. Whether you identify as gay, lesbian, transgender, heterosexual or otherwise – we are here to create the perfect wedding rings  to symbolise your relationship. The wedding rings can beautifully represent your journey together with uniquely different or match with complementary elements. The rings can be further customised with sparkling diamonds, brightly coloured gems or something more special to you; choose an existing design from our collection or ask us to make a completely unique ring. Our Wedding and commitment ring range is handcrafted in various romantic styles, with a design to suit every couple’s unique personality – Just like your love.

Wedding Ring Style

A wedding ring can be simple but often requires a lot of thought process to purchase. You are going to wear it the rest of your life, every day..! We recommend that couples select their wedding rings together.  It is important that both of you love your Wedding Rings, which may be matching ones or made of complementary metal. A simple contemporary, easy-to-maintain design and quality metals are essential aspects to consider. Whether it is a traditional band or something more unique, choose a timeless design that won’t date, as you will continue to love it for years to come. Wedding Rings become a part of you to complement your lifestyle and the way you live.

1. Plain Wedding Rings and Bands

Plain Wedding Rings are where elegance meets simplicity. Crafted from the finest materials, these bands exude timeless charm and understated sophistication. Perfectly designed to symbolise eternal matrimony and love, they serve as a beautiful reminder of your commitment to each other. Plain style wedding rings are a simple and classic symbol of love, which endures all fashion and style trends throughout the decades.

(1.a) Classic Court Wedding Rings

Classic Court Wedding Rings have a classifiable wedding ring look with its subtle dome curve on the outside and a soft curve on the inside. These are the most popular Plain Wedding Rings with its stylish, comfortable-to-wear, and easy-to-stacking features. These rings are great to wear at work, especially with lots of typing or handling standard tools and equipments. These durable and stylish rings are loved by both men and women, especially as matching wedding bands.

(1. b) Oval Court Wedding Rings

Oval Court Wedding Rings feature a seamless ellipse-shaped design and have a smooth fit from every angle, making them one of the most comfortable wedding rings. These rings are easy to put on and take off making an ideal choice for individuals who frequently remove their rings for work, gym, or sports..etc. These rings are great for those who travel often to different climate regions or experience fluctuations in finger size. However, the smooth fit required you to look after the rings, especially when removing gloves or jackets in winter when fingers are smaller.

(1. c) Flat Court Wedding Rings

Flat Court Wedding Rings are modern, minimalistic and contemporary style of wedding rings. They have a crisp flat profile on the outside but are also comfortable to wear thanks to the soft curve on the inside. Flat-court wedding rings are popular for both men and women alike. They can be worn with a variety of Princess, Emerald, or Ascher cuts diamond engagement rings. The flat surface on the outside makes them perfect for special engravings on the outside.

(1. d) Modern Court Wedding Rings

Modern Court Wedding Rings are contemporary and unique. These rings feature a flat profile shape with curved side edges, creating a capsule-shaped cross-section design. Modern court wedding rings are best for those who love modern aesthetics and prefer something quite solid and chunky. These rings have a seamless linear look and offer elegance on narrower bands, while wider bands appear solid and substantial. They are ideal for deep engravings, set with diamonds or gemstones, and are highly durable.

(1. e) D-Shape Wedding Rings

D-Shaped Wedding Rings are the most traditional type of wedding ring, resembling its design to the letter D, with a pronounced dome curvature on the outside and a flat inner surface. with its higher metal density, the D-shaped rings were considered premium and durable among elites in ancient history. Today, they maintain the same profile with a pronounced dome outer surface and a comfortable curved inside. They are popular among those who love heritage aspects and vintage fashion, it is also the best choice to complement with vintage heirloom engagement rings.

(1. f) Halo Wedding Rings

Halo Wedding Rings are simple and delicate rings with a pipe-profile design. They are probably the ancient form of wedding rings and traditionally made of stretched metal wire but now incorporate modern goldsmithing technology for added strength. Halo rings are popular among women for a minimal and stylish look and often to create a stacking collection. Halo rings are available in widths ranging from 1.50mm to 3.00mm.

2. Patterned Wedding Rings

Patterned Wedding Rings hold a unique individuality to stand out from the collective. Patterned wedding rings are made of traditional classic bands you love by combining the personality of an individual pattern to create character and originality.  It really elevates classic wedding bands with detail, and levels of exclusivity, making your ring more personal and unique to you.

The creativity of making a patterned wedding ring helps it to look edgier and unique to wear, making it easier for the wearer to stand out from the crowd.  Seamless precision and quality craftsmanship are our key factors when creating a true masterpiece of patterned wedding rings. The Beauty of our patterned wedding bands lies in their ability to replace traditional wedding rings with a superb choice. Patterned Wedding Rings are an excellent choice for couples, men and women who want to add a touch of uniqueness to their wedding day and days beyond. With the patterned style, your wedding ring can be a statement piece that would elevate your look and gives you a personality. We say patterned wedding rings are ideal for those looking for added flair, charm and charisma.

3. Two Tone Wedding Rings

Two-Tone Wedding Ring features a fused colour of two different metals, such as platinum with yellow or rose gold, so they have been generally known as multi-metal Wedding Rings, Bi-Metal Wedding Rings or Multi-Colour Wedding Rings. Two-tone rings affectionately symbolise the “coming together” of two different lives. Similarly, two-tone wedding bands weave together your love story’s talismanic virtues or cultural acquaintances.

Two-toned mixed metal rings require exceptional craftsmanship to create, so it is seemingly harder to see on the mainstream. Our multicoloured, Two-Tone wedding rings are handmade by experienced craftsmen in various designs of all precious metal ranges.

Two-Tone wedding rings give you more styling options to wear with an array of fashion. Two-metal Wedding rings definitely give different vibes or auras; having multi-colours of metals in a single piece would be nothing short of enchanting. A multi-coloured wedding ring could also suit and represent your personality; however, it is a choice of style and preference. Two-tone rings are effortlessly eye-catching and beautiful to look at. The multi-layers of colour give more depth and meaning to it. You might love a two-tone wedding ring because it is versatile, eye-catching, stylish, fashionable, unique or elegant in appearance. Two-tone Wedding rings are both edgy and classic at the same time. Plus, it can never go out of style, hence it is best used to design memorable pieces like wedding rings.

4. Diamond Wedding Rings.

Diamond wedding rings celebrate the foundation of your married life with magic and sparkle. Diamond-set Wedding rings definitely add elegance and a romantic knot to your wedding day. Diamond rings are widely whispered to be “the never-ending sign” of your love and wedding, just as in the famous slogan, “A Diamond Is Forever”.

Men’s diamond wedding rings represent a subtle symbolisation of diamonds over their dazzle by just mounting one to three stones. However, ladies’ wedding rings blaze with diamond brilliants, adding sparkle to everyday life. Half-eternity or full-eternity Wedding rings and diamond-accented wedding rings are widely favoured to complement an engagement ring. Our designers create diamond wedding rings for both men and women, exclusively with different styles and preferences in mind.

Diamond wedding rings are timeless, especially when made of lustrous metals like platinum or white gold. Diamonds Rings can style with any outfit, fashion, and colour; they can definitely be worn on all special occasions, ceremonies, or formal galas.  Diamond rings never go out of style and always will stay in the trend. With its preciousness and endurance, diamond rings are investment grade and considered to be heirloom pieces to be passed on for generations – yes; “Diamonds are Forever”.

5. Shaped to fit Wedding Rings

Shaped-to-fit Wedding Rings are the perfect choice when your engagement has a unique design or an unusual setting, and you want the wedding ring that sits flush against your engagement ring’s design.  High-mounted or angle-chamfered mounted solitaire rings typically result in no gap when paired with, while low-set centre stone or board-mounted set rings may produce a gap. In the same way, an elaborate design on the engagement ring requires a flow-around shape-to-fit wedding ring to match with.

A halo-circled engagement ring compliment with a U-curved Wishbone Shape-to-fit wedding ring. Our sweeping crown-like V-Shape contour Shape-to-fit wedding ring fits closely to a ring with a diamond-shaped protruding design. The Bow Shape-to-fit wedding ring has a symmetrical bow style pinch and is perfect for subtle protruding engagement rings and will fit closely to a ring no matter which way the ring is worn. Our Asymmetrical Shape-to-fit wedding ring perfectly matches with a number of solitaire engagement rings with usual setting mounts.

The Shaped-to-fit wedding rings can be creatively worn with a classic engagement as well to create an unusual trend. For example, a sweeping V-shaped ring creates a subtle gap between a classic engagement ring and brings a crown look to the combination. Similarly, the wishbone-shaped ring establishes an unexpected fusion with your engagement ring.

Engagement rings with even extraordinary designs or extreme curvature sometimes require a fully Bespoke made shape-to-fit wedding ring to match around design flow of your engagement ring. Our designs can scan your engagement ring, draw a perfectly matched and shaped-to-fit wedding ring design, and make your truly bespoke shaped-to-fit wedding to exactly match with the engagement ring.

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Wedding Rings Technical Facts, the Width, Thickness and Ring Sizie

1. Wedding Rings Width

Your wedding ring is defined by its width, which is one of the core elements to create its style and appeal. A wedding ring width is quite a personal choice of what you prefer to feel and look on your hand – it is also your fashion and style statement. A wider wedding ring is an expressive and bold sign of your commitment to your marriage and a narrow ring quietly glorifies your marriage – so it can be bold or understated…!

Wedding rings are available from 2mm to 8mm width options; which is many variants to toss around. Ultimately the ring width choices are down to a few basic elements – the physical aspect of the ring, your lifestyle, and personal preferences.

The physical aspect of the wedding ring is how you will feel the ring on your finger; for instance, a wide ring could feel cumbersome on smaller fingers, and a narrow band looks quite dainty on larger fingers. Longer or large fingers are better complemented with a wider wedding ring, and a narrow wedding ring suits petite fingers well.

When it comes to lifestyle and usability, narrow band rings offer very minimal interference on your fingers. If you engage in intricate work with your hands and fingers, you may be better suited to a narrow subtitle band ring.  On the other hand, a wider ring may be pleasing if you are working on an industrial level handling tools and machinery.

Lastly, the choice reaches your personal preference of what suits your look and how to set your style.

What is the common ring width for women?

The best suitable wedding ring width for women to wear with an engagement ring is 2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm—wedding bands up to 3mm wide will complement and stack with your engagement ring. If you are considering an eternity ring to be worn as a trio-ring combination in the future, we recommend selecting a narrower 2mm or 2.50mm wedding ring. 3mm and 4mm are quite pleasing and nice to wear as a standalone wedding ring. The 4mm or 5mm bands are favoured if you’re looking for a statement style.

What is a common ring width for Men?

Men usually pick 4mm, 5mm or 6mm wide wedding rings. Men with larger / longer fingers feel more comfortable with a wider 5mm or 6mm ring to best match their finger’s-built proportion, and those with finer fingers prefer a narrower 4mm or even 3mm wide band. Your wedding ring may be the only piece of jewellery you wear, and if you want to make a statement can preferably go for 6mm or 7mm statement rings for a more appealing style.

2. Wedding Ring thickness or Depth.

Wedding ring thickness or depth affects the weight of the ring and is an essential factor to consider for usage, durability, comfort, and price. Surely, heavier rings are more durable than lighter ones, whereas lightweight rings are more comfortable to wear daily. At Autumn and May, we make our handmade wedding rings in three standard thicknesses/depths – light, medium, and heavy-weight.

Light-Weight rings are snug fit close to your fingers and feel less noticeable between the fingers.  They are naturally comfortable for everyday wear and convenient if you do lots of typing, play musical instruments, or do intricate work with your fingers. The lightweight ring requires your love and care, especially around heavy tools, machinery, cycling, at the gym, or sporting activities. The lower metal content on these rings naturally brings them to a budget-friendly price category.

The Medium-weight ring is our goldsmith’s recommended option and has been widely chosen by many with longevity in mind. The medium-weight variant has excellent metal mass and durability to maintain the ring’s design structure for a very long period. This ring is best suited for everyday wear; extra care is not necessary when completing tasks and work with the hands. Engagement rings are usually made of medium-weight shank thickness, so you are considering the right option to match and stack with.

Heavy-weight wedding rings are perfect for those who love heavy weighted or chunkier jewellery.  Heavy-weight rings endure many physical activities, repeated bumps and scrapes and are likely the best pick for anyone engaged in areas where your fingers/ring come in contact with tough objects. These rings are prominent between fingers and not so cosy for some individuals. Heavy-weight rings are higher in price range when compared to light or medium-weight rings, just because of the more gold or platinum metal content to create them.

Incase you may require a bespoke depth just to match the existing depth of your engagement ring so the two rings match – We are here for you; our goldsmiths are specialists in bespoke making.

3. Wedding Ring Size.

The correct ring size is essential for comfort. Temperature affects many of our body structures; when you are warm, the finger may feel a little swelled up to a bigger size and vice versa when cold. Finding the right balance among different weather conditions is important; there are a few basic factors to consider for a perfect fit ring size.

  • Your ring should be securely fit and comfortable without slipping off.
  • Your ring should not create any stress, pinching or squeezing on your finger.
  • You should be able to move and easily work with your finger without any tightness.

We recommend a slightly loose wedding ring when you wear the wedding ring on the inside with your engagement ring on the outside. This gives quite good flexibility and comfort; indeed, the engagement ring will always keep the wedding ring from slipping. Consider a slightly loose ring if you have to constantly remove and put back your wedding ring for work or other sporting activities. A slightly loose ring is also handy if you often fly or travel to warm regions, but please remember to look after them. At Autumn and May, we offer you a complimentary free re-sizing even months after your wedding, so peace of mind is guaranteed.

The best precious metal for your Wedding Rings

Precious metals have several similar and unique qualities defined by certain desirable characteristics such as value, rarity, appearance, and behaviour. There are a diverse range of metal choices to craft your wedding rings. We would love to walk you through the main considerations when choosing the right metal type: Colour/Style, Endurance and Value.

1. Colour/Style:

Yellow Gold is always elegant and timeless, White metals shine to be modern and contemporary, whereas Rose Gold is famously known to be fashionable. All metal colours have their own trending influence and could change over time by fashion. The metals’ colour can also vary in appearance, like a warm colour that matches certain skin tones and a cooler colouration that suits a different range of skin tones.

Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum and Palladium retain their colour and lustre permanently without special care. On the other hand, White Gold often requires Rhodium plating to preserve its bright sheen. It is simply a case of your preference and style to pick the metal’s colour selection. We always highly recommend selecting the same metal for both your engagement ring and wedding band.

2. Endurance

Wedding rings made of precious metals are suitable for everyday wear.  Precious metals hold remarkable surface lustre and have excellent durability when properly cared for. However, the durability level varies from metal to metal and by the wearer’s activities. Certainly, a strong precious metal is great for diamond set rings or rings made of special surface finishes. Those of your hands that are constantly in motion, or your ring will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear by some hefty use, such as wearing rings in the gym or at industrial work, sporting activities, biking etc., will benefit from a strong metal.

Platinum is the strongest and most durable precious metal. Then Palladium, 18 Carat White Gold, 18 Carat Yellow Gold and 18 Carat Rose Gold to follow in order. 9 Carat Gold alternatives have less gold content and more alloys, but surely their resilience grade stays behind the 18 Carat variations. So, if you are after durability, choose Platinum, Palladium, or 18 Carat Gold. Besides the above precious metals, we make wedding rings in an extremely durable industrial metal – Titanium. It may be a consideration if you are very heavy-handed, work in the industrial sector, or want the most durable metal.

 3. Value, Luxury or Affordable

Precious metals are rare and valuable in nature. Platinum, Palladium and all 18 Carat Gold variants are luxurious, so their price range stays on the higher side. All 9 Carat gold variants are reasonable but slightly compromise on durability when compared to the luxurious group. Silver is a budget-friendly alternative, while Titanium is an industrial metal to consider.

4. Other Considerations: Sustainability, Hypoallergenic and Metal weight.

(4. a) Sustainability is another important thing to look for when purchasing wedding rings. At Autumn and May, we use sustainable Single Mine Origin (SMO) gold for our wedding rings, guaranteeing sustainability initiative and peace of mind.

(4. b) Hypoallergenic metals are a relief for those with sensitive skin. Platinum and Palladium are hypoallergenic precious metals, whereas Titanium is an alternative industrial hypoallergenic metal that is friendly to your skin.

(4. c) Metal weight is a contemplation factor for some of you with a specific use. Platinum is the heaviest metal that is about 30% heavier than the same volume of 18 Carat gold. On the other side, Titanium is the least dense and feather-light metal if you are after a very lightweight ring.

5. Metal Purity and Carat Variants

At Autumn and May, we create Wedding Rings in all precious metals, such as Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Titanium and SMO Gold. Gold is commonly classified in various Carats, like 18 Ct, 14 Ct or 9 Ct. ‘Caratage’ is the measurement of the purity of gold content with other alloy metals. 24-carat is pure gold with no other metals, whereas 18-carat gold contains 75 per cent gold and 25 per cent other alloys. 18 Carat and 9 Carat are widely available in the UK. 18 Carat is used for premium Rings and 9 Carat is often found in budget-friendly rings. You would love to know various precious metals’ specific characteristics and advantages.  Our Precious Metals guide has all the details you need to make the perfect metal selection for your wedding ring. 

Wedding Rings Personalisation

Personalising wedding rings is a lovely way to make them unique to you as you are. A specific ring finish or a personalise message engraving, or even adding a diamond or gemstone can create a lovely touch to your wedding ring.

1. Wedding Ring Surface finishes.

A range of surface finishes that can apply to your wedding ring for a unique appearance. A Brushed, Satin or Hammered finish is a simple yet lovely feature on your ring to stand out from a standard polished ring. Further enhancing with bevelled edges, grooves, or milgrains changes the ring’s look to another level.

 2. Personalised Wedding Ring Engraving.

The engraving always adds a personal touch to your wedding rings, making them unique to you and your partner. We could create a beautiful engraving on the inside or outside of the ring. The message could be anything, name, initials, memorable dates, special quotes, personal messages, sayings, song lyrics, poetry, biblical phrases etc… We can even engrave your handwriting, heartbeats, and fingerprints or a drawing to make the rings truly personal.

3. Cornerstone Diamond or Secret Gemstone

There are other ways to add personalised touches, such as having a cornerstone; this is simply a secret diamond or gemstone mounted on the inside of the ring. This can be each other’s birthstone, astrological stone or even a stone you like to have but stays in secret – you know it is there with a meaning. You could even plan to add the birthstones of your children as the years go by. Some prefer to take the secret stone concept to the outside of the ring by just mounting one, three or even five stones.

Wedding Ring Budget

Set Your Wedding Ring Budget

 A wise financial choice for yourself and the ring’s budget is essential. Investing in jewellery that will last is important, especially for an everyday wearing piece.  We recommend contemplating both of your style preferences, life progression, etc.. High-quality wedding rings can be expensive, especially those with diamonds or made in Platinum. Planning and setting a realistic but quality budget for your wedding rings based on what you can comfortably afford is important.

When selecting your wedding rings, a clear idea of the range, materials, and core design factors will help you balance budget and quality. A consultation with one of our member-of-staff will help you select the rings effectively within your budget. We will walk you through each and every aspect of the ring, such as metal, diamonds, gemstones, ring design, ring profiles, ring width and ring thickness, personalisation etc. For instance, choosing a platinum metal over a wider or thicker band is advisable, or vice versa. At Autumn and May, we have a wide range of wedding rings in all metals to choose from within a specific budget. We provide all our lovely customers with the option to pay in three instalments via Klarna for their wedding rings and Wedding Jewellery to help you spread the cost.

Who buys the wedding ring

Many of you would love to shop together for wedding rings for a matching or complementary design. Historically the groom purchases the engagement and wedding bands for himself and his bride. In modern times, couples opted for more romantic practices of having their value of share on each other’s wedding ring. The bride and groom often buy each other’s wedding rings or split the cost equally.  Lately, couples may plan-set-and-save the whole wedding budget within a Wedding-Pot-Account. Both of you chip into this fund pot equally or according to your preference to manage and meet the wedding expenses, including the Wedding Rings. So, it is ultimately up to your individual choice and preference.

When to purchase your wedding bands

The Date and Venue are fixed..!

You are going to wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life!

There are no absolute rules, but now is the time to select your Wedding Ring. Although as a rule of thumb, we recommend selecting and ordering your wedding ring at least Six weeks before your big day.  There could be lead times on bespoke making and personalisation. Our goldsmiths require a few weeks to handcraft, mount stones, or finish and polish your wedding ring with any personalised engraving message. Be prepared and choose your Wedding Rings early to avoid the last rush leading up to your big day.

Autumn and May Wedding Ring benefits

We are sure that you are feeling more insightful about wedding ring traditions, styles, technical aspects, materials, and finishes. All this information gives a better idea of what you’re looking for and what you would like to wear.

Choosing your wedding ring at Autumn and May should be an enjoyable process. Whether you like to have a simple band ring or love to create a very personal bespoke wedding ring, we are here to help you select the perfect wedding ring for life. You are most welcome to come by to explore and try on the wedding ring ranges. We could have a chat and split the whole wedding ring idea into core elements to explore each by following a step-by-step process. This will help you be clear about everything to conclude and select the perfect ring you love to wear.

We love to assure and support with some of the offerings for all of our loyal customers:

Handmade Wedding Rings

Our wedding rings are handmade to order, our craftsmen use traditional expertise with modern technology to craft and create your wedding rings.  Intricate detailing or utmost accuracy can benefit from modern technologies in CAD and microscopic-level tooling to guarantee precision. Traditional goldsmithing techniques of craftsmanship, stone setting, fishing, and polishing ensure the finest quality.

 Sustainable Single Mine Origin Gold – SMO Gold

We pride ourselves on using sustainably sourced Single Mine Origin Gold (SMO Gold) to craft and create your wedding rings. The wedding rings are handmade in the UK and hallmarked with traditional fines marks along with the SMO mark by the British Assay Office to assure you that the gold has been produced and used by legitimate SMO standards.

Complementary Resizing

The perfect ring size is essential for comfort, but it can be tricky to get it right at the first instance. You may wish to have the ring slightly loose or tight in a few weeks of wearing. Please come by for your complementary resizing, even months after your wedding.

Complementary Engagement Ring polishing service.

You might be wearing the engagement ring for a while; our goldsmiths are more than happy to polish and re-finish your engagement ring brand new look for your wedding. This is a no-charge service along with the wedding ring making. As your wedding will be so beautiful and perfect, so should your engagement ring.

Complementary Polishing and Refinishing service.

We will contact you before your first anniversary to drop off your rings for a complementary refinishing service. Your wedding rings will be polished, stones checked (if any) and re-finished to mint condition. You will have a brand-new-looking wedding ring to celebrate your first anniversary.

Discounted yearly polishing and MOT service.

It is quite pleasing to have your ring re-finished every year. You can sign-up for our Jewellery MOT Service, we will contact you just before the anniversary to bring the rings in for Polishing and MOT service. Your wedding rings will be polished, stones checked (if any) and re-finished to brand new condition. This service will be offered at a discounted rate.

One-to-one customer service.

We pride ourselves on offering one-to-one customer service. Aftercare, alterations, or any bespoke addition…! We are more than happy to support you with any of your inquiries or requests. Please drop us a line or give us a call.

Tender love and care of your Wedding Ring

Tender Love-and-Care

Just as you are proud of wearing it, maintaining and keeping the ring to its original glory is everyone’s wish. As you touch surfaces and work with your hands, you should guard the ring against any scratches or dents and protect the gems from becoming loose from their setting. We recommend taking off and looking after your ring when washing up, using harsh chemicals, handling heavy tools or machinery, lifting heavy objects, doing gym activities, or completing physical work using your hands etc…

Plain wedding rings are easy to care for and maintain, especially made of Platinum, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold. White Gold rings often require professional attention because of their Rhodium plating – you must care for the rhodium plating while cleaning the rings.

You’ll also like to clean the rings every now and then. You can soak the rings in a mild soap or shampoo by using some lukewarm mineral water (tap water may contain chlorine or chalk) for a few minutes. Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub and remove any remaining dirt or grime, ensuring not to scratch the metal, surface finish or stone setting. Pearls and other lustrous materials are not recommended to dip in soap as even a mild chemical can affect the sheen.

Please have a chat with our team for a better understanding of your wedding ring cleaning procedure at home. Besides your personal care, we recommend bringing the rings to us or to other expert jewellers for a professional cleaning and polishing service at yearly or bi-yearly intervals as required.


Lastly and most importantly – As you appreciate the sentimental value of your wedding and engagement ring, we recommend protecting all your valuable jewellery as investments and secure with insurance that covers the whole value. Although it won’t replace the sentimental value, it can at least give peace of mind and assurance when unforeseen incidents happen…!  we are happy to assist you in creating or re-designing your ring to match its’ original design if required.