Our Story

Jewellery Love

Our fascinating story of forming Autumn and May evolved with a belief of the stories jewellery can say. The memory it cherishes and the love it reminds of. Our existence is inspired by the desire to bring artisan-made quality Contemporary Jewellery to you. We uphold poised artistic, classic and contemporary designs. We’re obsessively passionate about it and love to showcase the original jewellery designs to inspire you to make your own. It will be a timeless contemporary addition for you to love.

Home to Greenwich

The story begins at the Historical Greenwich Market back in the early 1990s. Our boutique is located at Shop No 9A, right inside the Greenwich market at 51°28’53.7″N 0°00’32.0″W. Yes, we are just yards away from the Greenwich Meridian Line. By the banks of River Thames, with the backdrop of Royal Greenwich Park, Royal Observatory, Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark, and beautiful Historical Buildings around Greenwich, Autumn and May mould into a part of South-East London’s day out shop-spot.

The Jewellery

The lookout was always been focused on original jewellery designs, contemporary styling, and quality craftsmanship. This leads us to work with some up-and-coming niche designers as well as industry-leading popular designer brands such as Kit Heath, Fei Liu, Linda MacDonald, Andrew Geoghegan, Elements Gold, Amanda Cox, Collette Waudby, Peter Kibbles, Fiorelli, Clogau and many more. We have been loving it ever since and we want to show you a piece that you could recognize for its quality, design, and style. We attract a range of regular visitors, with various fashion and style preferences. We love to give everyone friendly one-to-one customer service with our jewellery and we are extremely proud to serve you.

The Bridal Story

We have mastered the creative elegance of bridal jewellery and Wedding rings. With its graceful modern design, bridal jewellery has become an essential selection on our shelves. The wedding rings range from classic to contemporary collections and a wide variety from plain wedding bands to stone set rings. We aim to be more thoughtful of the materials by using Single Mine Origin Gold – SMO states the exact Gold Origin and Gold Mine information. Your Wedding Ring or Engagement Ring created with a Mined Origin Gold will always have an SMO Gold mark along with the traditional British Assay Hallmarks. The SMO mark applied by the British Assay Offices is an assurance that the legitimate SMO standard of mining operation has produced the gold. We understand the unique preferences of each couple and are proud to offer a complete customisation service of a wedding rings width, thickness, precious metal blend, and diamond or gemstone choices along with the ring finishes and creative engraving. Ever since the bridal jewellery and wedding rings will remain the symbol of the pledges of your love.

The Bespoke

We are influenced by unique influences to draw, design and create bespoke jewellery. If you dream of a purely original, once-in-a-lifetime jewellery piece, our in-house team of talented designers will work with you to create your own masterpiece – the possibilities are endless! Our team can design and create your inspiration into a bespoke jewellery piece. After a brief consultation at our Greenwich Store see your imagination take shape in the form of a unique jewellery piece. It’s a new beginning that you will cherish for generations. Let it say your story.

To Jewels and Beyond

We understand the styles and trends that will inspire you not just today, but for years to come. With every piece of jewellery our traditional one-to-one customer service – which is the hallmark of Autumn and May – gives you the care and support that you expect from us.
We love to see the Jewellery become a part of you.
We love to see you become more than just customers.
We love you.