Jewellery Valuation


We hope your much-loved jewellery pieces stay always in your safe custody, also it is equally important that your items are appropriately insured against any unforeseen loss, theft, or accidental damage. Precise and relevant Jewellery valuation is essential for insurance or probate purposes, private sale or even just for personal interest. At Autumn and May, we offer a professional Jewellery valuation service with a fully documented certificate. Jewellery valuation conducted by our professional associates, who are fellows of the NAJ’s Institute of Registered Valuers. Our Jewellery Valuation Document includes:
• A complete description of each item(s)
• Diamonds or Gemstones measurements Carat Weight, Colour, and Clarity
• Precious metal type, purity, weight, and Hallmarking details
• Insurance replacement values or Probate Values
• Coloured photographs of each piece
• Explanatory notes on terms and abbreviations used for Jewellery and Stones
• An Insurer Notice to pass to your insurance company
• Condition report where necessary


Insurance Replacement Valuations are the most popular type that we requested for. As the future is unpredictable, there could be a chance that your precious jewellery is lost or stolen or unintentionally damaged through no fault of your own. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your jewellery is accurately valued by an independent Professional Jewellery Valuer and insured – just in case you ever need to make a claim. Without an accurate up to date valuation, you are facing the risk of being underinsured. Most insurance companies even request that you have items over a certain higher value specified individually on your policy and regularly valued to ensure the limits are adequate. It is recommended that your jewellery valued every 2-3 years will ensure any information about market values is up to date. Our valuations are widely accepted by all the major Insurers.


Insurance Valuation Pricing:

  • Jewellery Valuation Service: £99 per item.
  • Watch Valuation Service: £120 per item
  • High-End Watch Valuation Service: £180 per item (Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Jaeger leCoultre, Patek Phillipe, Panerai, Hublot, Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer..etc)

Jewellery Valuation Service can take up to 8 ~ 15 working days, although we strive to get your jewellery valuation done as early as possible.

Fast Track Premium Service service is available upon request with up to 3 ~ 5 working days turnaround, The Fast Tack Premium service is subject to availability and cost double per item fees.


We do jewellery valuation for probate purposes, offering valuations on all types of jewellery including Necklace, earrings, diamond rings, bracelets, and other family heirlooms jewellery. Unlike an insurance valuation – which focuses on the value at full retail replacement, Probate Valuations are worked out on the likely amount you would receive for a pre-loved jewellery piece if you were to sell within the trade or auction.

Our expert associate valuers give you an accurate and independent valuation of each piece, so you can be fully informed when you decide what to do with it. Their professional standing also means the valuations are readily accepted by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.


Probate Jewellery Valuation Service cost £45 per item. Please note that there will be a £270 minimum charge for the Probate Valuation service, so you can value 6 items.

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