Bespoke Jewellery Commissions

The Bespoke Journey

Bespoke Jewellery Designing, Bespoke Jewellery Commissions or Custom Jewellery Making, the Jewellery Commissions we just completed are more than just beautiful, they tell us a story, show us emotion, and bring our hearts together. At Autumn and May, we follow traditional Jewellery Craftsmanship with modern techniques to create exceptional Bespoke Jewellery for over 25 years. Each Bespoke piece expresses your own idea and our unparalleled craftsmanship.

Designing and Commissioning a Bespoke piece of Jewellery is very unique, sometimes a milestone in your life is so special that it demands a bespoke creation or requires a piece of very personal jewellery. Or perhaps you have a family heirloom to be redesigned. We can assist you with Bespoke Jewellery Service for any of your occasions. We design and create all types of Jewellery from Bespoke Engagement Rings to Bespoke Wedding rings to everyday Rings, Statement Necklaces to simple Earrings, Trophies to Tablewares. We can even incorporate Diamonds or Gemstones or a much-loved part or special section from your existing pieces to the new design and give them a new form of life. From a thought to a unique piece, the ideas are endless and the sky’s the limit. It’s a new beginning that you will like to cherish for generations.

Step One: The Inspiration

Commissioning custom made Bespoke Jewellery is a unique experience. The process begins with a brief consultation in-store or over the phone or by email. Knowing your specific wish, likes, dislikes, occasion, and story of inspiration are essential to start the process.  You might have clear ideas and concepts in mind about the designs you wish to make. Whether it is a long-time dream, a momentary thought, or perhaps you haven’t even concluded yet, this consultation gives us the chance to truly understand what you want. We will talk through those ideas and inspirations, wheren we can offer suggestions or guidance on the final design, Diamonds, gemstones and materials. We begin with either scribbling up your ideas together or working to a specific design direction to create your inspiration into a bespoke jewellery piece. It’s an amazing experience, so be our inspiration to start designing a piece of exceptional bespoke jewellery.

Step Two: The Design

It’s YOUR Story that draws OUR Design. A piece of bespoke jewellery that has ever been created is likely started life as a concept sketch. We are no exception, we draw the sketches with your inspiration in mind. The drawing began to bring the ideas to life, the design rendering allows you to see and visualise the jewellery you imagined. Hand-drawn sketches and 3D rendered CAD drawings will clearly reveal how the bespoke piece will look like. Working together we will involve, discuss, and refine the design to absorb your feedback and changes that you would like to make. The final design will be redrawn based on your amendments as per your word.

Step Three: The Creation

Every piece of Bespoke Commissioned Jewellery is handmade, in our workshops using the classic goldsmithing processes with equal care and precision. The wealth of experience allows us to source and select a wide range of Diamonds, Gemstones and Materials for your design. Our Craftsmen’s are specialised to work with precious metals including Gold, Platinum, Palladium, or even Sterling Silver or Titanium of your choice. We can mount your own Diamonds or Gemstones and even incorporate a part or element from your existing jewellery into the newly designed piece. Every metals and stone have their own unique elegance, characteristics, and price range. Our bespoke team can help you understand and advise to select the Metal, Diamonds, and Gemstones during the process.

From the first scribble to artistry, once you are happy with the design and materials, we start to begin the making process. Subject to the design intricacy, we either directly work on the metal or create a wax model for precious metal casting. Our highly skilled craftsmen will work on the moulded metal through various Goldsmithing, Stone setting, Polishing and finishing processes to get the design to life. Attention to the smallest of detail and quality checks promise your jewellery with brilliant excellence to fall in love and cherished every day.

The Ultimate Gift

Just in four weeks, our Craftspersons are done and dusted with the making process and they inspected every mill – inside and out with their supercool jewellery spyglass.  Your beautiful Jewellery is now ready to be presented or Gifted…! It’s your very own dream jewellery, totally imagined by you – we call it the Ultimate gift of Love.

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Let's discuss your bespoke design ideas, our bespoke team is more than happy to walk you through the creative process. We will advise you with Diamond, Gemstone, and Metal selection to commissioning your own unique bespoke piece. Drop us a message or if you would prefer to speak about a bespoke design, give us a ring on 0208 293 9361.  OR come along and see us at our Greenwich boutique to discuss your requirements.