Wedding Rings Profiles

Plain Wedding Rings Profiles

Plain wedding rings are traditionally designed of some simple profiles or designs – or technically mentioned as cross-section profiles. Plain Wedding Band profiles appear to be subtle but mighty enough to make a noticeable difference. These profiles are so classy that it is timeless and will never date. Plain wedding rings are great to be worn every day, especially at work and shopping—the subtle design is excellent to wear at any occasion, celebration, or other events. They are easy to blend in and effortlessly go with your other jewellery and fashion styles.

Plain wedding rings are available from 2.00mm to 8.00mm in width choices, with light, medium, and heavy thickness options. The rings are fully customisable with a Polished, Brushed, Matt or Hammered finish. Personalisation further extends to sets with diamonds or gemstones and even with personalised Engraving. At Autumn and May, we have a great range of handmade wedding rings available exclusively in Single Mine Origin Gold (SMO Gold) as well as in all other precious metals to suit your preference. Our wedding ring buying guide is a great source to find every piece of information about your wedding rings.

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Classic Court Wedding Ring

Classic Court Wedding Rings have a familiar classifiable wedding ring look. The subtle yet noticeable dome curve on the outside makes these profiled rings the most classy and popular. The soft curve on the inside of the ring offers a comfortable touch to the finger, suitable for relaxing everyday wear. Classic court profile also has a refined flat edge on the sides to stack with other rings like engagement or eternity rings. Jewellery designers often choose these profiles to make Engagement rings or Eternity rings so classic court wedding bands seamlessly fit and stack with engagement rings or eternity rings.

Classic court bands are also great to wear at work, especially with lots of typing or handling standard tools and types of equipment. These are also the hardwearing and easy-to-maintain rings. They are also comfortable and still have a resilient grip on your hand even at cold temperatures when the fingers are a bit smaller, so it is no wonder that Classic Court bands become popular Wedding Rings. Our classic court-shaped wedding rings are admired by both men and women alike, especially if you love to have matching wedding bands.

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Oval Court Wedding Ring

Oval Court Wedding Rings are made of a seamless ellipse-shaped profile resembling close to the classic court ring – although without the flat side edges of the classic court ring. Oval Court Wedding Bands has no sharp or crisp edges, while its characteristic ellipse design shows a unified smooth curvature from every angle. With a very minimal grip on your finger, the oval court ring gives a comfy, smooth fit – making it one of the most comfortable Wedding rings.

Oval Court wedding rings are very easy to put on and take off, so it is the best choice for people who frequently take off their wedding rings daily for work, Gym, or sporting activity. It is also comfy if you frequently fly or often travel to different weather climate regions, or even if your finger size varies with climate/temperature or activities. The oval court ring’s smooth-easy-fit really helps if you have larger finger knuckles or inflammation on the finger joints. With all the smoothness and comfiness of the oval court shape, raise a little concern about looking after your ring, especially when taking off glows and jackets in winter when the fingers are shrunk and smaller in size – you don’t want the ring to slip off.

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Flat Court Wedding Ring

Flat Court Wedding Rings are modern and contemporary in style. The crisp and edgy profile creates a fresh and fashionable appearance. Flat Court Wedding rings are perfect if you love minimal and simplistic characteristics, yet they have a sleek stylish look. Flat court wedding bands are also designed with a soft curve on the inside, which offers a comfortable touch to the finger, suitable for relaxing everyday wear.

Flat court wedding rings are very popular among Men’s Wedding Ring ranges, though they appeal greatly to both brides and grooms. Flat court wedding bands are a perfect choice to wear with a Princess cut, Emerald cut, or Ascher cut diamond engagement Ring or to compliment an Art Deco Engagement Ring. Presume you are planning for a Princess Cut or Baguette Cut Diamond Eternity Ring; a flat court band ring will be the best to wear with. The flat surface on the outside certainly works best for a featured special engraving, such as a fingerprint, heart rate, musical knots, block Roman numerals etc.

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Modern Court Wedding Ring

Modern court wedding rings are contemporary and unusual. Modern court wedding bands are designed from flat profile rings; inspired by the flat profile shape with curvature on the side edges, forming a capsule-shaped cross-section profile. Modern court wedding rings have a linear seamless look; it has admirable elegance on narrower bands up to 4.00mm and often look solid and substantial when the ring widens above 5.00mm.

When you love modern aesthetics yet prefer something quite solid and chunky, our modern court wedding ring is the answer. These rings great depth, chunkiness, and curvy-flat surface are best for unique deep engravings, like artworks, murals or even fingerprints, musical knots, etc, as well as best to set with some of your family gemstones or diamonds. if you prefer a hardwearing ring while working with tools or machinery, a modern court ring made in Platinum is the best option to consider.

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D-Shaped Wedding Ring

D-Shape Wedding Rings are the most traditional rings; as the name says, it resembles the capital letter D. D shape wedding bands are legendary; goldsmiths from the historical era shaped gold into wires, coiled and joined as rings. These rings are furthermore shaped by filing off from the inside to close-fit around the finger, leaving the D-shaped cross-section profile to the wedding ring. The substance and satisfying weight of the D-Shaped ring were considered premium and durable among elites in ancient history.

Even today, the D shape rings have almost the same cross-section profile. The outer surface retains a pronounced dome curvature, the typical inner surface is flat against the finger. However, at Autumn and May, we make our D-shape ring with a fine smooth curve on the inside for a comfortable touch to the finger, which is needed for relaxed everyday wear.

A D-Shape wedding ring is a lovely choice if you love heritage aspects and antique fashion. A family heirloom engagement ring with a dome-structured shank will complement with D-Shaped wedding ring. Vintage fashion lovers of both men and women are alike in favour of D-Shaped wedding bands.

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Halo Wedding Ring

Halo Wedding Rings are the simplest and most delicate wedding rings; it is sweet but appealing by the elementary pipe profile style. The cross-section profile of this ring clearly resembles a pipe shape or the letter O. Traditionally, halo rings are made of stretched metal wire; now, we engineer and craft them with the latest goldsmithing technology to retain the ring’s core strength.

Halo rings are great for minimal appeal and are widely popular among women’s wedding rings. Halo pipe-profile rings are often chosen to stack and style with multiple rings. Halo rings are best to choose from 1.50, 2.00, 2.50, and 3.00mm width options.

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