Single Mine Origin Gold (SMO Gold)

Single Mine Origin Gold

Single Mine Origin (SMO) Gold is a revolutionary global benchmark for the Gold and Jewellery trade. Single Mine Origin Gold guarantees Responsible, Ethical, and Transparent mining practises as well as full Traceability of Gold to a single mine – currently the Hummingbird-owned Yanfolila mine in Mali, West Africa.  SMO-Certified Gold exclusively remains segregated and trackable from mines to refining to the making of the final piece of jewellery with an auditable chain of custody.  SMO carefully follows a number of strict standards in line with the World Gold Council’s responsible Gold Mining Principles as well as its own social and environmental responsibility initiatives.

The SMO principles and their collective sustainability programmes deliver humble benefits to the local communities around the Gold Mine. Education, Healthcare, Safe drinking water and Agricultural prosperity Initiatives are some to name, which all bring great support to a wide number of people and societies. The SMO mining operation also eliminates all ties to conflict, where miners are being paid the right wage under secure employment.

Essentially every piece of SMO Gold Wedding Rings and  SMO Certified Gold Jewellery offers peace of mind that the gold has been produced with outstanding Industrial, Environmental, and Social Standards to benefit us all. At Autumn and May, we take great pride to craft SMO Gold Wedding Rings and SMO Gold Bespoke Commissions, in which the Gold can be traced back to a single mine.

Advantages of Single Mine Origin Gold

Every SMO Gold Wedding Rings and SMO-Certified Gold Jewellery you purchase has a lasting impact on the lives of local people and the environment.  SMO Gold comes from Single Origin mining sources with 100% traceability of the gold every step of the way back to the origin – Yes, the provenance matters..!

   100% Traceable.

Jewellery made of SMO gold is 100% traceable up to the originated Gold Mine with QR Code and Batch Number.

  Responsibly Sourced.

SMO is an assurance that your Gold is Responsibly sourced from partners operating to World Gold Council’s ‘Responsible Gold Mining Principles’.

Chain of Custody.

SMO practices an audited chain of custody from mine to your Jewellery with process assurance from world-class audit programmes.


SMO Gold is affordable, which means there is no premium price in comparison with other Gold such as Fair Trade or Fair Mined Gold.

   Community Support.

It means that your SMO Gold jewellery purchase has a positive impact on local people and the environment. SMO provide vital social, environmental and cultural support to the local communities, and is helping to transform the Gold industry.

  Mercury Free.

All SMO gold is guaranteed to be 100% Mercury Free. There is no requirement for mercury in the responsible gold mining process.

Track your SMO Gold

Where is your gold came from..?

Most of you may not know where the gold in your jewellery comes from. We aim to be more thoughtful of the materials by using Single Mine Origin Gold – SMO states the exact Gold Origin and Gold Mine information. Your Wedding Ring or Engagement Ring created with a Mined Origin Gold will always have an SMO Gold mark along with the traditional British Assay Hallmarks. The SMO mark applied by the British Assay Offices is an assurance that the gold has been produced by the legitimate SMO standard of mining operation.

Each piece of Autumn and May Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings made of SMO gold comes with a traceable QR code supplement card.  Scan the QR Code with your smartphone and get to know the information and origins of the gold used in your jewellery. This allows you to truly explore the gold’s provenance and the impact of each transaction has helped to create local community efforts.

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SMO Gold Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

At Autumn and May, we were heartily following the outlook of Single Mine Origin Gold when first launched in 2017. Having been running as a family business, our outlook towards sustainability initiatives brightens up by using the innovative SMO Gold. The use of Single Mined Origin (SMO) Gold ranges to all our Handcrafted Plain Profile Wedding Rings, Patterned Gold Wedding Rings as well as Bespoke commissioned Engagement Rings. It’s part of our sustainability commitment to use responsibly mined gold to craft and create your most special jewellery.

If you would like to purchase the SMO Gold Wedding Rings, or if you would like to create a SMO Gold Bespoke Commissions, Please drop a line to: [email protected] or call us on 0208 293 9361

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